Archiview Project aims at validating an original combination of innovative technologies for the management, retrieval, navigation and publishing of web content, to fully exploit their potential for internet search output, advertisement capabilities and the rich-media industry.


    The scientific and business objectives of the project can be summarised as follows:
  • to create a versatile and standardised management system, capable to handle the rich media contents of archive documents;
  • to provide effective and creative ways to access this material, emabling a free navigation through thematic collections and the personalisation of search approaches;
  • to perform a demonstration on chronologically coherent, definite series of documents demonstrating the potential of interactive and free user exploration in complex document sets;
  • to showcase the possibility to author several access routes to documentary content for users, developing specific favourite themes with the support of archive personnel;
  • to give the archive the innovative connotation of an institution not limited to preserving and cataloguing Municipality documents, but capable of promoting their cultural value and to enhance the territorial tourist attraction potential;
  • to demonstrate a viable approach to authoring and valorising archive contents towards the media industry.